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Express Passports

Whether you are traveling internationally for business, to visit family, or even just for fun, you are going to need a passport. Perhaps you’ve never had a U.S. passport, or maybe you need an urgent US passport renewal. Well look no further – Passport & Visa Express’ highly trained professionals will guide you through the process, enhancing your experience by saving you both time and money! We work with the US Passport Agency as well as various Embassies to process the required documents faster than you could through more common channels. You can count on our years of knowledge and experience. Receive your passport in as little as 24 hours with help of quick or urgent passport services!

Express Visas

Are you in a rush?  Tired of clicking around Embassy websites trying to make sense of the confusing and ever changing visa requirements?  24 Hour Passport and Visas is here to help.  We pledge to provide you with the most current forms and requirements to travel abroad.  As a U.S. citizen or non-citizen resident, you will be required to possess a visa for entry into many countries.  You might even be checked and possibly turned away before boarding your plane.  Let us keep that from happening.

About Us

Passport & Visa Express is your one stop shop for travel visas and passport services, including first time passports, renewals, passports for minors, and second passports. Our staff will assist you in processing the needed documentation for your international trip abroad by explaining requirements to obtain the needed visas or passports. We have been in the visa and passport business for over 20 years, and can often expedite visas and passports quicker than if you sent your passports to the embassies/consulates directly. Our embassy representatives hand carry your documents to the embassies and the passport office, making certain that these documents get the expedited attention needed to meet all travel deadlines. We have a long established relationship with all embassy and consulate officials, allowing our embassy representatives to obtain your travel visas or passport requests as fast as same day.

Your documents are safe and secure with Passport & Visa Express. All passports and documents in our office are locked in a safe, and all information, such as credit card and phone numbers are private and are also kept locked up. Once visa or passport work has been completed, we ship all documents via FedEx Express. This is the safest and most secure way of making certain your documents will be delivered in a timely manner.

We offer some of the most competitive prices in this industry. We accept all major credit cards, money orders and company/personal checks. Once you have tried Passport & Visa Express, you will see the difference in the efficiency of processing your visas, and the customer service we provide.